Box-o-burger fast food franchise expandingrapidly in India


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The Box-o-burger fast food franchise brand has entered into tier 2 and 3 cities to deliver delicious fast foods, more significantly the company had done extensive research to produce good food. A lot of people these days want to start own food business but only a few of them manages to nourish their dreams. Due to increasing competition,starting new fast food business isn’t easy, for instance global fast food brands had already established tremendous business models in order to create effective dining experience for customers. At initial stage Box-o-burger had to face challenges owing customers loyalty towards popular brands but differentiated products and awesome services creates a difference.

Analysis of fast food franchise sector

Indian marketplace is favourite destination to establish food business due to large consumer market, in addition the favourable environment, infrastructure and availability of resources attracting global as well as national investors. Additionally busy lifestyle and involvement of women in corporate jobs could be foremost reason for consistent expansion of fast food franchise sector in India. Brands such as McDonalds, pizza hut and Domino’s pizza shared maximum market, and they effectively become popular restaurant joints. Unlike international brands, local food franchises pay attention to consumer demand, use natural ingredients, spices or herbs to prepare Indian style cuisines. In US and UK, consumption of fast food is way higher than India but expansion is mostly occur in major Indian cities and China. Besides this, new era of fast food has originated as existing players come up with nutritious and quality foods.

Growth of Indian version fast foods

In this competitive global business environment, every fast food company want to generate huge revenue by offering world class cuisines to customers. There are various things that should be overlooked before started a fast food business, for example, the menu, food preparation techniques, components used in making fast foods and most importantly marketing and promotion. Box-o-burger has developed amazing recipes such as international and Indian burgers, pastas, burgizza and sandwiches. All these recipes prepared by using green vegetables and no additives or preservatives used. Indian version fast foods are still in nascent stage that means global fast food brands are pulling customers because of their brand awareness. On the other hand, Indian brands are struggling due to lack of financial support and infrastructure. Box-o-burger’s burger franchise model is flexible and low cost, if you are interested to start an attractive fast food franchise unit, it is best option. 

In the near future, demand of Indian style burgers and pizzas will be great as consumers likely to show great interest in small investment business. When it comes to fast food, marketing and promotional campaigns can be effective to create brand awareness. Loyalty programs, discounts, offers, public event, and newsletters are significant part of branding these days to influence customers. Going one step further, café culture is also nourishing in India thus fast food brands has included café items in the menu. In recent years, it is registered that Indian marketplace is comprised to numerous local and national brands that not only offer affordable foods but also outpaced fast food franchises. Two months back, McDonalds had to shut down stores in south India which a big loss for the company. This massive degradation of world’s popular fast food joint has opened doors for Indian brands as well. Quest for deliciousness and wide range of foods, consumers are consistently experiment with their meals to satisfy their taste buds. Box-o-burger has recently started commercial operations in Nanded (Maharashtra) and is running successfully andlow income population can enjoy delicious cuisines at Box-o-burger.