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Revenue for fast food industry is increasing year-by-year; new brands with creative concepts have entered to deliver delicious cuisines at affordable prices. Over past few years, there is a kind of price war developed between local street vendors and popular brands, for instance, unregistered players have prepared burgers, pizzas and other ready-to-serve meals by using locally available ingredients and they are pulling a large number of customers as well. More generally, the demand for preservative and factory-made ingredients is low as compared to natural ingredients. Indian consumers are reducing the number of fast foods they are eating at QSRs; on the contrary they want localized fast foods. Additionally, global fast food industry is mainly dominated by US-based brands but they are charging huge amount for appointing a franchise unit. Individuals who want to start own fast food venture must focus on brands that offer high-profit margins and also charge a low franchise fee. The burger franchise segment is getting popular as consumption of ready-to-eat meals has been increased, apart from this there are plenty of burger franchise opportunities to choose from. 
In the near future, definition of fast food will be changed as consumer’s choices and preferences are shifting towards nutrient-based foods rather than quantity-based. A vegetarian option will continue to grow and people moving back to full-service restaurants as well. One of the significant mistakes that restaurant owners make is avoiding latest trends and follows the same age-old culture and foodservice concepts. If you want to start own burger franchise have a look over Box-o-burger. 
Money-making franchise opportunities 
Eating-out culture in India is pacing due to consistent growth of population, increased income level, globalization and digitalization. Indian based brands are coming up innovative models and effective menu to give tough competition to existing fast food brands. Box-o-burger, at present is one of the leading fast food brands, delivering highest quality foods and cost-effective franchises. The brand has begun to re-engineer menu and streamline operating procedure in order to attract customers. Box-o-burger’s stand out burger franchise opportunity will be beneficial for customers and investors. Popular brands like McDonalds and Domino’s pizza reluctant to tier 2 and 3 cities but people in these regions also want to embrace western culture. Fast food industry in Indian is estimated to become multi-trillion dollar industry hence as a franchise you need to find out a profitable opportunity that fulfils your objective. 
Box-o-burger franchise in India
Experience brand: After extensive research, Box-o-burger’s menu was developed; later on more experiments were done to produce more delicious cuisines. While working with Box-o-burger you can take advantage of customized and highly competitive systems to beat rest of food operators in your geographic location. 
Low start-up cost: Franchise models running throughout Indian states are reflecting western culture; moreover all ingredients for foods have been shipped from outside India. This could be a reason for a high franchise fee of global brands; on the other hand, Box-o-burger is only charging 2 to 3 lakhs as a franchise fee and also gives vital support such as training and marketing, site selection, staff recruitment and grand opening. 
Trusted brand: Box-o-burger has already expanded roots in cities such as Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Bhuj (Gujarat), Berhampur (odisha) and Nanded (Maharashtra). All these locations are filled with global fast food brands as well but local investors have shown promise in Box-o-burger because they people like Indianized fast foods. It is trusted and loved burger franchise brand and has enormous popularity in tier 2 and 3 cities. With more and more burger franchise outlets open in last few years, it is the time that you must start your own journey.