Fast food franchise industry is on fire!


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The fast food industry in India attracts both national and international investors, with more than one decade ready-to-eat meals market has changed a lot. Earlier there were not too much recipes available, market share was also low but as time moves demand for quick foods have also increased. Due to consumer demand, fast food brands are transferring to nutritious segment and discover new recipes to impress customers. A fast food franchise business is proven and tested business model, in fact, around 60 to 70 % people want to start own franchise unit as they don’t want to engage in hardships of independent business. The franchiser provides vital support and guidance in establishing store in recommended location.

Industry analysis

Needless to say, major portion of fast food market is dominated by global leaders in India. They consistently expand franchise network in metros and mini-metros, in addition, tier 2 and 3 cities are untouched by them. In recent time, global brands have come up with low investment models to penetrate small Indian towns or cities. Around 40 to 60% market is constituted by non-vegan snacks and vegan customers demand natural ingredients. On the other hand local brands have experimenting with on-going recipes in order to give new twist. For example, Box-o-burger has introduced various burger varieties and in every bite you can feel local taste and charm. If you are interested to start fast food franchise, carefully evaluate market condition and try to find out answers to questions such as what kind of products will attract customers, how to develop promotional plans, what is expectation of customer and what is their point of view regarding existing fast foods.

Though traditional restaurants present in India, fast food outlets are also growing steadily as consumers show great interest in innovative recipes. The superb menu, quality services and extensive support is what food franchise brands offer to investors. It goes without saying that fast food industry is already filled with lots of brands and there is space for improvement that encouragesnew comers.

Benefits of franchise model

1.      Own business: In this competitive business environment, to become success you will require best products and effective concepts. Franchise model gives you opportunity to own a well-established business in your preferred location.

2.      Experience: If you are belonging to non-foodservice industry then franchising could be lucrative and profitable option. You can gain lots of experience and develop knowledge after extensive training program conducted by franchisor. In addition some companies also provide support to franchisees post grand opening.

3.      Support: Proven and well-established business models can be beneficial to start new business venture. For inexperience investors, franchising is advantageous and door to vast fast food industry.

The Box-o-burger’s fast food franchise systems are awesome; with proven and systematic management franchisees can easily operator outlet in any location across the country. You can apply for single unit, multi-unit and master franchise for your business venture. Recently, two outlets have been finalized in Delhi and Maharashtra hence people can order real Indian fast foods. Comprehensive support system and strong franchise development team assists from initial stage to grand opening. All team members are expert in their respective field.

To help franchisee, Box-o-burger has developed operational efficiency and product range. Today’s customers are busy in their routine lifestyle and attract towards fascinating and amazing concepts. Once you have established strong relationship with customers, it will be easy to generate more revenue. It is to be concluded that fast food industry is burgeoning; local brands will definitely outpace existing players through their high quality services and recipes.