Fast food franchise: A high profit margin business


burger franchise

In India fast food industry has expanded significantly and is estimated that in the coming future there will be large projects that definitely create better ecosystem. The nutritional quality of fast food is increasing day-by-day as customers want fresh and natural ingredient based cuisines. As of 2018, revenue of fast food industry has enhanced as consumption of burgers or pizzas is also greater. Despite economic downturn profit of fast food chains not even affected very much like rest of food operators. In order to start new fast food franchise business one must know about latest consumption pattern and what consumers are expecting.

Evaluation of Box-o-burger’s franchise model

Box-o-burger is new name in fast food industry, growing steadily in local marketplace. In the short span of two years, the burger franchise has opened outlets in different locations which are running successfully. For instance, in Bhuj (Gujarat) and Jodhpur (Rajasthan) Box-o-burger’s outlets are serving Indian version of fast food. Despite tough competition, it is easy to establish fast food business especially in tier 2 and 3 cities without any problem.

Investment: Nominal investment around 7 to 20 lakh is required to develop an organized Box-o-burger restaurant in India. You can serve standardized menu at discounted rate, all cuisines are made of natural ingredients. At present, it is expanding franchise network in different geographic locations across the country. In the past few years, cafés and takeaway formats have shown unprecedented growth so burger franchise brand is also planning to introduce creative concepts.

Area: Location matters the most, when it comes to fast food store set up because a traffic region can pull more customers. Before finalizing any location, you must analysis various things: hygiene level, price sense, competition, income level and expectation of customers. Within 150 sq. ft. you can develop a kiosk to offer wide range of cuisines at reasonable rates.

Menu: After extensive research, menu of Box-o-burger has been finalized. Western cuisines mainly contains chemical which are not good for body, and customers are concern for what they eat and how they eat. It reported that around 30% of Indian population like to visit QSR to quench their hunger. The quick service restaurant sector is burgeoning, gain momentum owing to demand of authentic and quick food. Burger, pizza, corn cupz, pasta, sandwich, burgizza(combination of burger and pizza), noodles, etc. are chef-inspired and people love Indian style ready-to-eat meals.

Box-o-burger’s healthy menuis likely to meet criteria of customers; moreover experimentation is done consistently to reinvent whole business model so that customers can be served efficiently. No doubt, McDonalds is global market leader and it is always set example in front of competitors regarding food innovation and customer satisfaction.

Profit margin is high in fast food franchise business, but franchisees have to pay some percentage of profit to franchisor termed as royalties. In case of Box-o-burger it is quite and majority of royalties are invested to provide digital marketing to customers. In today’s business environment, online presence play crucial role to create brand awareness. Fast foods are inexpensive hence millennials like to visit QSRs once or twice in a week. On average, middle class Indian families’shows interest in ready-to-eat meals, moreover both global and national foodservice brands are looking to penetrate local markets. Major cities such as Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai are figured as ideal destination for fast food franchise business set up. People living in these cities want to embrace technology and fast-paced lifestyle, that’s why companies are targeting Indian marketplace. You start own fast food business with Box-o-burger.