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Nowadays, you can easily order food through online delivery system and enjoy delicious foods without moving a bit. India is one of the countries where fast food franchise sector is growing exponentially due to presence of several global and local brands. Wide range of ready-to-eat snacks offered by fast food brands at every corner of the major cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. People from other parts of the country travel to above mentioned cities for various purposessuch as business meeting and employment. Fast foods like burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and French fries are consumed heavily due to busy lifestyle. Common menu items available at most restaurants are French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, onion rings, chicken nuggets, tacos, etc. fast food chains know how to entertain customers for example from mesmerising stores with appetite-stimulating colours, reasonable rate and quick services are factors that attracts customers a lot.

Quick service restaurants throughout the world are crowded foodservice destinations, people belong to age group show great interest in ready-to-eat meals. Small pocket customers want affordable, convenient and quality snacks hence fast food brands are also focusing to satisfy their Indian society.Popular players such as Domino’s pizza, Burger King and McDonalds are perfectly designed menu as per consumer taste and have come up with cuisines that reflect local food culture. If you are an owner of fast food outlet, you must determine what customer demand and what they are looking for. The number of fast food brands in India especially in north, south and west parts are offering non-vegan and vegan.In spite of tough competition, fast food franchise sector is profitable and there is room for improvement that needs to fill with attractive concepts.

Focus on latest trends

Fast food industry is highly competitive, several US based brands have established tremendous franchise network. Box-o-burger is leading fast food franchise brand which is offering low investment concepts and world-class products at competitive pricing. With a great deal of demand, burgers including classic burger, chilli mili burger, sinful burger, corny chaos burger and crispy paneer burger while pizza such as cheese pizza, veggie delight pizza and Dhamaka fries are few of the dishes that you can order at Box-o-burger. Fast foods are best alternative to quench hunger, for instance whenever people are busy and want food instantly they prefer quick snacks. Rapid transformation is trending in foodservice industry and there is significant changes observed such as consumption pattern, increased income level and globalization. Latest trends include:

1.     Healthy food: Consumers want delicious and high quality foods rather than low quality foods available on the streets. Some people thought fast foods are reasonable for several health issues thus they only prefer green vegetables and natural ingredients based meals.

2.     Quick services: People working in corporates want quick services as well as students in colleges and schools are fond of quick delivery. Apart from this, fast food brands have offered discounts to customers that consistently visit to stores. If you are asked by your friends for a quick party, ready-to-meals is best alternative.

3.     Offers: Discount coupons, combo meals, weekend offers and loyalty programs are few of the strategies that work strongly in today’s business environment.

Kiosk: In India, street vendors have come focused mainly on small investment models. In addition, kiosk culture is famous among Indian consumers and young generation show great interest in ready-to-eat meals. If you are interested to start own fast food business, Box-o-burger is perfect brand as it provides vital support to franchisees in training, site selection, staff recruitment and marketing.