How to start ubiquitous food franchise to gain maximum market share


burger franchise

Foods that can be prepared quickly are termed as fast food. The fast food industry in India is crowded due to a presence of various small, medium and large sized brands. A volume of fast food items like burgers, pizzas, noodles, pasta, and sandwiches is quite high, young people aren’t focusing on the way of food preparation but they only want ‘variety’. Young working population busy in corporate office find burgers and pizzas advantageous, time-saving and best means to hang-out with friends. During a conversation with techies working in Bangalore, many of them admit that cooking food at home is a bit tough due to limited time thus it is hard for them to change their love for fast foods. Young people prefer to visit places opened at any time they can easily socialize with friends and closed ones.

If you are thinking to start your own food franchise, you have to identify what is your consumer market eyeing for. What kind of ingredients they are searching for food items. Are they happy with existing culture or want striking food revolution? How they eat, self-services would be convenient or not. What other fast food operators are offering. These are few questions that should be answered to know more about latest trends and business opportunities. You should focus on following objectives:
  • Consumer preference towards fast food items
  • Influence of income on consumption pattern
  • Get information about demographic and psycho graphic impact on fast foods

In addition, you can also perform quantitative analysis or designed a questionnaire to get insights regarding customer preference. All questions should be related to fast foods. After analyzing consumer response you will develop an idea about developing your own food franchise. Before starting any new projects it is crucial to obtain valuable data that helps to understand consumer needs and wants.