Increasing number of food franchise brands create worries for popular fast food giants in India


burger franchise

Increasing penetration of new brands in Indian fast food franchise segment has resulted in reduced market share of popular giants. Box-o-burger an emerging Indian brand has mesmerised Indian consumers through its broad range burger varieties, French fries, pastas, pizzas, corn cupz and sandwiches. In addition, Indians are food lovers also give importance to Italian, American or Chinese food items. Indians prefer traditional food items, but occasionally visit luxurious restaurants with family members, friends or colleagues to spend quality time. Popular brands bear pressures of losing loyal customers due to entry of new players . As per reports of National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), near about 25 percent Indians are interested in north Indian food items followed by Chinese, American and south Indian. Mumbai and Delhi are hub of food services establishments, accounted for 22 percent of entire food and beverage industry. Whole food and drinks industry is sunrise stage estimated to growth at 10 percent by 2020 to worth INR 5, 00,000. Contribution of small and medium sized players couldn’t be ignored because these are mainstay of Indian economy.

Established food franchise market is getting disturbed due to emerging newer players that offer traditional dishes in different ways. Near about 1 millions local vendors are efficiently working in metropolitan cities around the country. But, implementation of new tax rules and regulations, like GST bill will impact food industry in coming months. Quick service restaurant culture has gained enormous popularity which is also a positive point for new players. It goes without saying that income of middle class has increased as well as dines out culture emerged also strengthen fast food segment growth. By 2020 it is projected that hundreds of new style outlets will be seen, Indian consumers are left with huge options so market share of popular brands will be compressed.