India’s fastest growing food franchise segment is getting double in size


burger franchise

food franchise is one of the top growing sectors in food and drinks industry. However, over a decade, with development in socio-economic condition of country, per capita income has been increased as well as urbanization has showed a route of prominence franchise business opportunities in India. The emergence of fast food culture in India has changed the way Indian tradition foods were eaten. Indians are fan of home-cooked foods but current scenario is completely different. After years 2000 whole food and drinks industry has gradual shifted from unstructured market to a professional industry tag. However, fast foods are cost-effective starting from appetizer and ending with dessert. Over the year’s number of multinational organizations targeted Indian land as potential market for generated huge revenues. Changing demographics, consumer behaviours and spending power led India to emerge as best destination for fast food restaurants venture.

The consumption of food items like burger, pizza, etc. has increased more in recent times. Especially burger is one the exception buzzwords of the 21st century till date. Consumers are very much attracted towards food courts, food zone and clubs to eat their favourite cuisines. On the other hand researchers have found that regular consumption of fast food could create severe health issues. Thus it is suggested by researchers that eat your favourite food but cross the limit. In fast moving food and drinks industry, new entrants like Box-o-burger have an edge in India thanks to its strategy of generating low cost franchise business opportunities. The brand offer variety of burgers and snacks at reasonable cost as well as franchising at minimum cost. Millions of people have dreams to start business but unable to fulfil due to burden of heavy investment. Box-o-burger has realized it and developed easily access food franchise business model to give power to general public.