Rapid penetration of Indian fast food franchise brands


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There are 29 states in India, each with diverse language, attire and cuisines; moreover itis famous for wide-ranging cuisines throughout the globe. Over past few years, demand of fast foods have been increased in Indian marketplace, in fact consumers want quick and affordable foods and the way global and local fast food brands introduced QSR foodservice format is quite outstanding. Majority of US based brand has established tremendous franchise network and they had successfully build strong relationship with Indian consumers. As per recent reports, the fast food industry in India is ruled mainly by global brands and they found a way to make people through various marketing and promotional strategies. The ready-to-eat meals market has gained popularity as international brands are spreading western culture and young generation of the country love quick foods as compared to traditional cuisines. 
Facts about the fast food industry
1.In India, it was McDonalds which has first introduced QSR culture to offer burgers, French fries and other snacks. During earlier days, it had to face criticism due to a usage of cow meat but later on the company has changed food preparation techniques and work as per Indian consumers. 
2.Around half of Indian population at present falls in the age group 2o to 35 (approx.), all fast food franchise brands have created different marketing strategies to attract children and youth. All the advertisements are based on target audience and there is no comprise on quality of foods. 
3.In the course of five years, local Indian brands have been experimenting with existing fast foods to develop Indianized version. Box-o-burger is one of them; regardless of competition the brand is committed to bring world-class in tier 2 and 3 cities. 
4.QSR (quick service restaurant) market is projected to touch INR 9000 crore and will get threefold in coming years. 
5.India is favourable destination due to demographic profile and changing consumption pattern. 
Price war is increasing between local and global brands, apart from this; local brands prefer naturally obtained ingredients to fascinate consumers. There are few things that should be considered to develop a fantastic food franchise store: 
1.Branding: logo, tagline and slogans influence a lot when it comes to fast food. By offering simple and recognizable branding, fast food franchise operators have influenced lifestyle of consumers. Definition of eating-out is changing consistently as fast food brands use different strategies such as loyalty programs, combo meals, offers, gift coupons, discounts, etc. 
2.Location: fast food means quick and affordable foods hence to become successful many fast food operators prefer high footfall locations. In India, most people like to eat Indianized version of fast foods, for example McDonalds has introduced Mcaloo tikki which is consumed heavily in various stores. 
3.Innovation:Eating out in luxurious QSR is just a kind of fashion that emerging among Indians nowadays. To get socialize or for a quick party people usually prefer fast food stores. Hence innovation is fundamental parameter that should be embraced to become leader in fast food industry. 
Most people visit QSR for an alteration in the taste of food, some food players developed digital menu so that consumer can customized menu as per their preference. Starting a fast food business can be risky due to existing competition, some people make millions in a month and some get bankrupt. So it is essential to choose the best and convenient model that suits your interest level and profitable in your geographic location. Box-o-burger is looking to passionate franchisees; it can be a profitable opportunityfor individuals who want to start own fast food business.