Reasons for growth of burger franchise in India


burger franchise

In the course of past one decade, Indian marketplace is emerged as favourite destination for fast food business establishments. The burger franchise brands are continuing to shine owing to tremendous demand of ready-to-eat foods. Huge Indian population is recognized as largest consumer market by number of global and national brands. For example brand such as Box-o-burger has penetrated local markets through its innovative business models and original fast foods which are good for health. Here are the reasons for massive growth of fast food industry in India:

  1. Large consumer market: As compared to rest of countries, Indian population is growing at rapid rate. At present India is second most populous country with huge percentage of young generation. People belong to age group 20 to 35 used to eat fast foods more rather than old one.
  2. Consistent socio-economic development: On-going lifestyle trends influence fast food franchise industry positively. For instance seating in a QSR is not just limit to food but also a kind of fashion that generally become part of young generation of the nation. Due to increased income level of middle class populations, spending on foods away-from-home has been increased a bit.
  3. Cheap manpower: Unlike America where food workers charge per hour, In India you can find low rate manpower for your restaurant staff. Every fast food franchise brand want to cut unnecessary cost on employee salary, moreover Indian government don’t interfere in minimum wage as well.
  4. Flexible policies: By signing a legal agreement with government, global brands can start franchise. For example, you have seen number of international brands have established phenomenal franchise network and as of now enjoy success without any problem.

It is essential to choose right brand to ensure success. Box-o-burger is first choice brand when it comes to burger franchise investment.