Upcoming burger franchise stores in India


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The Fast food industry is the biggest opportunity nowadays; there are several brands throughout the globe that eager to explore Indian markets. Consumption pattern of people especially in a Hi-tech city such as Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad prefer quick foods, additionally, burger franchise brands are also targeting tier 2 and 3 cities. They have developed effective branding and promotional strategies to create awareness among people about QSRs and ready-to-eat meals. Box-o-burger which is a new name to fast food industry is showing a glimpse of growth, after certain challenges new stores will be opened soon in Delhi, Nanded and other parts of the nation. 
Western fast food companies don’t reflect Indian culture; moreover, they always bring ingredients from their native land. Due to this, franchise investment models range from 1 to 2 crores (approx.) which is quiet and such business models can be replicated in semi-urban areas. People get a little sceptical because American companies produce unhealthy fast foods; they want to local food operators to use natural ingredients to produce high-quality cuisines. At present, the whole fast food industry is facing problems due to changing food preferences of consumers. 
Box-o-burger’s innovative ideas 
Box-o-burger literally raising the level of India-based ready-to-eat cuisines, in fact, the brand has done tremendous efforts to bring delicious culinary on dining tables. Burgizza (combination of burger and pizza), yummy burgers, corn cups and garlic bread are prepared with fresh and hygienic ingredients will add more value to your burger franchise business. To add more, small fast food outlets have been designed to influence outside home food experience, and takeaway foodservice format is highly appreciated by the young generation. Rather develop large restaurants, Box-o-burger only mission is to create better food spaces where a consumer will enjoy every day and minute with great acclaim. As of 2018, initial investment cost has been raised 5 to 10 % by most of the fast food brands and they also charge high loyalty hence profit margin will be low. 
Instead of choosing of age-old brands, you must give chance to Box-o-burger. Its low investment business models will add value to your investment and you can also explore entrepreneurial skills without any problem. 
Box-o-burger cost & fee 
The upcoming stores in Delhi and Nanded are low investment models, ranges from 7 to 20 lakhs, furthermore marketing, staff recruitment and training support provided to franchisees. Box-o-burger is recognized as premier burger franchise brand, you don’t need to have a great experience to become boss of own business. Opening a McDonalds or Domino’s pizza franchise can be costly as well as risky and you need to spend a huge amount but in case of Box-o-burger whole set up will be done within few lakhs.