Why food franchise industry is significant industry in today’s India


burger franchise

Restaurants or food courts or food franchise are poised to growth potentially high because they have a specific role to play in business and social life. Maximum people nowadays are agreeing to celebrate major events of life like marriages, birthday parties, and corporate programs are organized in luxurious hotels or restaurants. At the tail end of 2016, several reports have confirmed that thousand of food franchise including small, medium and large made entry into Indian food and drinks market. Tier 1 and tier 2 cities of the country has become the eye of national and global players. Apart from this, penetration into small town or rural areas is also speeding up. For instance, Box-o-Burger tagged as best burger franchise is exclusively brought products which are coupled to Indian traditions, ingredients used in making burger focus mainly to involve every section of Indian society.

New entrants are trying their fate but face serious challenges. It is a difficult task for any fresh company to break into food industry because plenty of giants have already been on the mouth of every consumer. Thus rather than involving with any high budget business you should try phenomenal low cost business opportunities flooding heavily especially in Indian market. Existing companies have strong brand identification and customer loyalty, differentiate products is the only to bring customer to your destination. Hence competition is tough but if you have potential then food and beverage industry has enormous potential to serve your appetite. Indian landscape is favourite destination for trade. Thanks to favourable climatic condition, consumers demand and lucrative governmental policies for such optimal growth. When consumers dine out then taste and price, quality and hospitality are the foremost matters. Players operate in Indian market has quickly understood what consumers are demanding for. Thus food franchise has its own importance when comes to revenue generation and creating employment in the country.