We are one of the most aspiring
Burger brand from India.

By the Indian,
For the Indian.

Boxo Burger is one of the pioneers in setting up the burger brand that serves Indian taste burgers. Many big companies have research to now that Indians will always prefer Indian taste, and we just used our common sense. 

All the tikkis that we make are proprietary to our brand. we make our own tikki and combine it with Indian sauces to give that typical Indian taste to the pallets of Indian customer. 

Boxo Burger is now offering a fantastic business model fro franchise in India and abroad. The model is best suited for first time entrepreneurs as well as seasoned businessmen. We welcome you all to explore this opportunity.  Boxo Burger is one of the pioneers in setting up a Burger Brand that serves Indian taste Burgers. Many big companies have researched now that Indians will always prefer Indian taste, and we just applied common sense.

Assortment of sauces in the glass jars


If you finalize today, after finalizing location we can help you setup the entire project in 7 days. This is the fastest period and needs our expertise.


All the system is ready and entire model is in plug and play model. Just show us the place and we will setup the entire store for you.


The entire module is safe and secure for the first time entrepreneurs. You can take advantages of our experience and business knowledge.

Innovative products to give your business an edge

Our R&D Team is always excited and energetic about creating fantastic products always. With their constant research, we are proud to say that we offer products which are not available anywhere else but just at Boxo Burger. We are glad to offer you this fantastic opportunity, if you think that you have what it takes to start a business, we have fantastic low investment, franchise offers. 

Join our popular burger chain , Today!

  • Easy to start
  • Low In investment
  • Popular range of products
  • End to end support provided by company

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Strong core values to help you in all aspects of business

Variety of french fries traditional potatoes, sweet potato, carrot served in frying basket with salt, thyme on wooden board over brown texture background. Homemade fast food

We are a fast-growing chain of quick service restaurants, fundamentally concentrating to explore new opportunities in the fast food industry. Boxo Burger is known for its profound ability to deliver great tasting burgers, French fries and broad range snacks coupled with better quality, and excellent customer services. We constantly focus on research and development activities in order to develop products that give unique to each customer.

The growth in the fast food industry is basically attributed to a large number of consumers who demand more specific services under single roof. The mixture of recipes that gives an Indian and western taste, we experimented to produce more innovative and flavorful recipes. 

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