Get that edge to start your business in your city.

Franchise- A great way to start

We have developed and continue to develop  system which is scalable and duplicable which gives you edge from others in this competitive market era.  The picture depicts the Mumbai dabba wala. They are the epitome of the standardization and scalability. Franchise exactly provides you that, a set system, a set format to copy. It saves lot of time, money and energy which is reuired to create that system. When you take the franchise, you get everything as a package and ready to jump into business. The experts have already developed the model, and you you have to copy the plan and system in your city. 

Boxo Burger food franchise india
Boxo Burger food franchise india

Let's start Boxo Burger

Boxo Burger is a model which is unforeseen, we have created unique range of products to suit your taste buds. If you do a general survey, you will get to know that majorly everybody is using the same tikki for there burgers. We all know that burger is one of the most eaten products and high demand for online platforms. If the demand is such high, we though why everybody is forced to sell similar tasting products.We pioneered in this and created our own tikkis in various flavours. We made tikkis from Chole (chik pea), Rajma (kidney Beans) & Aloo (potato). We have combined them with various indian sauces. Overall its a complete package to our customers with combination of various drinks, shakes, mocktails. We have also created one classic product by the name of Burgizza, which is always a hot selling product. 

Get that edge of the finely crafted menu and jump right in.

A boon for entrepreneurs

We know the market is flooded with burger brands, and till now we are sure that you have understood that how are we different from our competitors, but to promote startup India and Stand up India we have created a unique business model where you can start your business in very less amount. We are also introducing first time in world “post Paid franchise plan”. Don pay franchisee fee now, and pay us later in 36 equal installments of 5000 rs each. This gives you freedom to start your business while taking care of the limited finances you have. This is the initiative taken by us to promote entrepreneurship in India. We are very happy and proud to offer this win win opportunity to all our fellow partners. We bet you will not come across any other entrepreneur friendly business model than this. Now lets understand how can you take the franchise.

Boxo Burger food franchise india
Boxo Burger food franchise india

Let's start working

Total investment to start the business is 5,55,555/- rs for a 100-150 square feet shop in the busy market. If the investment exceeds the company will bear the cost and you need not to worry about the budget any more. We both understand that setting up the business takes time, and hence the EMI starts from second month and not the first month. We care for your at every step of the business. Be it Digital marketing or Offline promotions. We will train your employees and you on all aspects of the business. We have around 8 years of experience in the food industry and we exactly now what customers wants from us. 

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